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----Vote yes for the reforms - "It has not much backlash, while delivers strong economic gains to the industry, and humanizes the existing program". i entered here in the US as a tourist visa last year oct 20081-94 lapsed last april 30, 2009 but i'm still here in the US because i have a pending immigrant petition as a nurse and my lawyer said i could stay until 180 days which will end on oct 2009.

I have filed on July 2nd itself and still no receipt, no FP notice, nothing. I have filed on August 10th and I do not have a receipt either. I have checked even people with July 19th are waiting. I was filed as h1b for non profit organization last sept 1 as a dietitian on premium processing. Primary applicant's status changed to card production ordered and no change on spouse's application... I have a strong feeling that you can take leave without pay or with pay. You earn the leave ( 1.5 day every month you worked legally).

My question is that it will be possible for the USCIS to approve me because technically i am now out of status but i do have until October to stay here because of my 180 days. I think that to move to EB2 with the same employer, it may be possible to count experience from the same employer if the new role you are moving to is atleast 50% different from what you are doing in your current role. But my wife's status is as it is, her LUD is still 11/25. It is a benefit you received when you worked during your legal stay.

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Unfortunatley Dems have not shown much zeal which conveys that Immigration Reform is one of their important agenda.

CIR is much more comprehensive and volatile with far reaching impact. Due to ploitical sensitiveness both parties are not discucussing too much on it.

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