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They started off on a high, basking in the praise they received for casting the first Black bachelorette and offering an extremely diverse pool of suitors to try to win her heart.

However, since the show has progressed, they’ve done their best to downplay the way that race actually affects how people interact with each other on the show.

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She cooks for me, makes sure her place is clean, and waits on me hand and foot.

So taking this into account, no matter if a white woman believes she isn’t racist when she dates a black man, she still consciously or unconsciously expects the black man to be appreciative that she traded her whiteness to be with him, they way she looks at it, is like this she could be with a superior white man, but she chose him, which means no matter how successful he is, he should feel lucky to be with her, just because of the colour of her skin.3.

I don’t need white validation Many black men date white women to fit in, they think if they get with a white woman it will make them more human, and feel like somebody.

Your girlfriend she said “loves you, but she doesn’t love your race”. They have a superiority complex From cradle to the grave white people are taught they’re superior to people of colour in this world, and anything worth creating was created by a white person.

Every opportunity they get they like to tell the world of their achievements, whether it’s in school or in move theatres and when other races do the same they are labelled racist.

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