Stephen fry dating

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After years without a lover, punct­uated by periods of self-loathing — he once said relationships were for ‘other ­people’ — Stephen Fry has separated from the man who rescued him from ­celibacy, his partner of the past 14 years, Daniel Cohen.

Just weeks after comedian and actor Fry, 52, put his £2million North London home up for sale, I learn he has moved out of the ­eccentrically designed terrace house in West Hampstead and is to be found living in a rented flat in Central London.

As half of the comic double act Fry and Laurie, he co-wrote and co-starred in A Bit of Fry & Laurie and also took the role of Jeeves (with Laurie playing Wooster) in Jeeves and Wooster.

He also appears frequently on BBC Radio 4, starring in the comedy series Absolute Power, being a frequent guest on panel games such as Just a Minute, and acting as chairman for I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue, where he was one of a trio of hosts who succeeded the late Humphrey Lyttelton.

Fry is also known for his voice-overs, reading all seven of the Harry Potter novels for the UK audiobook recordings, narrating the Little Big Planet and Birds of Steel series of video games, as well as an animated series of explanations of the laws of cricket, The Fry family originates in Dorset, at Shillingstone and Blandford; in the early 1800s, Samuel Fry (second son of James Fry, of Shillingstone and Blandford) settled in Surrey, with his descendants residing in Middlesex.

Speaking at the Hay literary festival in Brecknockshire, Wales on Saturday, he said: 'Whether it is winter that is coming, or a new spring, it is entirely in our hands so long as we prepare.

The actor and comedian criticised 'technophobes' who have been too slow to adapt to what he described as the greatest change in the history of mankind'While it's hard to calculate the cascade upon cascade of new developments and their positive effects, we already know the dire consequences and frightening scenarios that threaten to engulf us.'Science fiction writers and dystopians have already laid out the 'nightmare' consequences, he added.

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